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Raw Materials for the Carpet, Rug, and Textile Industries.


Norville has been a supplier of a variety of backings and fabrics to the carpet and related textile industries for years. These backings represent fiber types including nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and cotton. Fabric design ranges from woven, needlepunched to spunbond. Norville's sales and technical personnel are trained to help the end user determine the best fiber type and backing construction for their application. We are also open to developing backing materials to meet more demanding criteria.


Our product line is further enhanced by our ability to convert material to the width required by you, our customer. In-house slitting equipment allows us to ultrasonically, rotary, or score slit most fabrics. Throughout our line of slitters we can accommodate master rolls up to 190" with finished slit widths as narrow as 7/8" if required.


Carpet Backings: Norville sells woven primary and secondary polypropylene backing manufactured by Filpa in Turkey. We are able to service carpet mills across the country with immediate delivery of goods.


We stock a large variety of widths, colors and pick counts. We can also convert through slitting or needlepunching most of these same materials.


Our line of primary is constructed with 28 ends of tape in the warp direction giving additional stability in the lengthwise direction of the backing. 


The secondary selection of leno weave fabrics enables us to provide the product lines necessary for the finishing operations. Please refer to the stitch rate chart for guidelines on the proper application of primary backing based on your style's construction.


Rug Backings: We carry a selection of backings suitable for the secondary or final layer on the back of area rugs. These include a soft felt material called FeltBack4125 and the traditional leno weave secondary identified with the prefix NORSB.


Other backing widths and constructions are available upon request.


Helpful Formulas:

  • To convert linear yards to square yards for a certain width - Take width divided by 36 times linear yards

  • To convert square yards to linear yards for a certain width - Take square yards times 36 divided by width

  • To convert grams/square meter to ounces/square yard - Take grams/square meter divided by 34

  • To figure yards per pound - Take 16 divided by ounces/square yard times 36 divided by the width

  • To figure ounces per square yard of cotton fabric - Take 1 divided by yards/pound of cotton material times 16 times 36 divided by width of fabric


Mop and Furniture Backings: If stability and sealed edges are important for your application, we offer a line of spunbond and needlepunched materials that can be slit and palletized to order. Typically, these backings are available in gray, black, tan and white shades. Our slitting equipment can accommodate a range of core diameters, roll lengths, and widths from 7/8" to 190".



Item Code      Description


NOR3000152          28×13 Woven Polypropylene | Width 152” | Weight per SQ/YD 2.32 oz.

NOR3000186          28×13 Woven Polypropylene | Width 186” | Weight per SQ/YD 2.32 oz.

NOR8000152          28×18 Woven Polypropylene| Width 152” | Weight per SQ/YD 3.85 oz.

NOR8000186          28×18 Woven Polypropylene | Width 186” | Weight per SQ/YD 3.85 oz.


NORSB1606154      16 x 5 Woven Secondary  Beige | Width 154” | Weight per SQ/YD 1.53 oz.


FELTBACK4125        Gray Polypropylene Felt | Width 144” | Weight per SQ/YD 4.75 oz.


NOR5511005.5G        Gray Spunbond Polyproplene | Width 5.5” | Weight per SQ/YD 3.0 oz.

NOR5511006.5G        Gray  Spunbond Polyproplene| Width 6.5” | Weight per SQ/YD 3.0 oz.

NOR5511007.5G        Gray  Spunbond Polyproplene| Width 7.5” | Weight per SQ/YD 3.0 oz.


NOR5511009.5G        Gray Spunbond Polyproplene | Width 9.5” | Weight per SQ/YD 3.0 oz.

PBPRO12S0126W     White Pointbond, Spunbond PP | Width 126” but can slit to width | 1.2 oz.

POLYPRO27B180       Black Needlepunch PP | Width 180” but can slit to width | 2.7 oz.


POLYPRO27B012       Black Needlepunch PP | Width 12” but can slit to width | 2.7 oz.






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