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Kraft Bags & Paper / Twine / Durabubble

Kraft paper bags are used for shipping samples and small orders by UPS or Fedex. They are a low cost way to ship small and light weight products. We offer many different sizes to help with your shipping needs. Our stocking sizes are 2 ply, with 3 ply available. The bottoms are sewn for extra protection.


Kraft Paper is another low cost, all purpose packaging material. It is ideal for industrial packaging, wrapping and cushioning. It protects against stratches. It is stronger and more durable than other wrapping papers and is easily folded and molded. B-Flute Single Face Corrugated Paper is used to protect your items from chipping, scratching or cracking during shipment. The raised fluting absorbs shock and provides extra strength. It conforms to almost any shape. Cut it to size and use it as a void filler or interleaving. For maximum protection – use several layers.


Durabubble is a fast and easy way for you to protect your products when you are shipping. It is an excellent void fill for one-way packages. It also offers excellent protection – absorbs shock and holds product in place. The sizes we offer can be slit and/or perforated to meet your company’s demands for protection. When ordering always specify; width, length, slit perforation and bubble size.


Polypropylene Tying Twine is used to tie down and hold many items together. The benefits of using twine are that it is soft and easy to work with. It will knot easily, hold tightly and will not become brittle. It also resists rot, mildew, moisture and most acids.


Twine is highly recommended for industrial packaging and handling. It is available in single-ply and multi-ply for additional strength. It also dispenses directly from the carton.


Item Code                                                                            Description                                                                       Ordering Information

BW1248                                Bubble Wrap | Width 48” | Roll Length 250’ | Bubble Height 1/2" |                             Please call to order

                                               Description No slits, no perforations | Rolls/Bundle 1| Price Unit Bundle


BW1248S12P                       Bubble Wrap | Width 48” | Roll Length Bundle 250’ | Bubble Height 1/2” |                Please call to order

                                               Description Slit to 12”, Perforated 12” | Rolls/Bundle 4| Price Unit Bundle


BW1248S24P                       Bubble Wrap | Width 48” | Roll Length 250’ | Bubble Height 1/2” |                              Please call to order

                                               Description Slit to 24”, Perforated 12” | Rolls/Bundle 2| Price Unit Bundle


BW316P                                Bubble Wrap | Width 48” | Roll Length 750’ | Bubble Height 3/16” |                            Please call to order

                                               Description No slits, Perforated 12” | Rolls/Bundle 1| Price Unit Bundle


BW316S24P                          Bubble Wrap |  Width 48” | Roll Length 750’ | Bubble Height 3/16” |                          Please call to order

                                               Description Slit to 24”, Perforated 12” | Rolls/Bundle 2| Price Unit Bundle

TT1250/1I                             Tying Twine | Size 1250/1 | Fiber Polypropylene | Color White |                                 Please call to order

                                               Tensile 104# | Feet/Roll 12,500 | Price Unit Roll

TT450/1I                                Tying Twine| Size 650/1 | Fiber Polypropylene | Color White |                                   Please call to order

                                               Tensile 180# | Feet/Roll 6500 | Price Unit Roll

TT650/1I                                Tying Twine| Size 450/1 | Fiber Polypropylene | Color White |                                   Please call to order

                                               Tensile 273# | Feet/Roll 4500 | Price Unit Roll

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