Dalton, Georgia – Reaching a milestone achieved by only a handful of businesses in the carpet industry, Norville Industries celebrates its 66th anniversary in April 2022. The company provides a single source for a wide array of goods and services needed for the manufacture and distribution of carpets, rugs, and other textile industries, including backing, thread and packaging materials.


Founded in 1956 as Textile Supply Company, a partnership offering supplies to the tufted textile industry, the company quickly evolved, forming Twistex Corporation in 1958 and Dalton Tape and Bias in 1962. All of these companies combined in 1965 to form Norville Industries, Incorporated.


Zack Norville, the company founder was involved daily in operations for over fifty years. Textiles were a part of Zack’s upbringing with his mother, Hallie, and her sister Mavis, running Southern Chenille in Cartersville, Georgia. A few years later the company was sold to other family members, but Hallie still thought there was a market for chenille bedspreads and opened Norville Chenille Company. As a young man, Zack worked at the company installing and fixing machines. Zack continued to work at the company while he attended Georgia Tech. Zack had once said “If a machine broke down, Mama would call and leave word for me at the Varsity (renowned fast food hangout for Georgia Tech students) and I’d come up and fix it,”  With the carpet industry in its infancy, in 1956, Norville conceived the idea for a “department-store” type of service organization, catering exclusively to the tufted textile industry.


Since the beginning, Norville Industries has been a family affair. Zack began the business with his wife, Merle Norville, who has since passed away. Three of his four daughters, Nancy Hallsworth, Cathy Amos, and Patti Silvers, have worked in the business. His fourth daughter, Deborah Norville, who is anchor of Inside Edition in New York, serves on the Board of Directors. Today, Amos and Silvers run the day-to-day operations.


Cathy Amos came to Norville in 1991 with a degree in Textile Science from the University of Georgia (UGA). Amos had garnered extensive management experience with Shaw Industries where she reached the position of Director of Research, Development and Administration, and Burlington Industries where she was Vice President of Residential Product Development. After working her way through the company, Cathy was named president of Norville in 2001. Patti Silvers, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of UGA, brought with her a degree in accounting and experience as a CPA with leading firms, including Arthur Andersen in Chattanooga, where she worked as an auditor and a tax accountant. She joined the company in 1988 and now manages the company’s finances, personnel and daily operations.


“Analyzing trends and actively pursuing new products and market opportunities are key to our long term success,” says Amos. “Coupling that with servicing the needs of our customers by maintaining clear communication, prompt response to requests, and ultimately quick delivery of goods with unquestionable quality remain our goal.”


Amos adds that while new ideas and new products are important, the company will never forget its customers. “We have always believed one of the most important things we can do is really listen to our customers and to do more than provide products, but to offer solutions to problems,” she notes. “Ultimately, that is what has allowed us to stay in business and what we believe will keep us around for another 63 years.”