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207 Bonded Nylon Thread 1 lb.

207 Bonded Nylon Thread 1 lb.


Thread 207 Bonded Nylon | Color White | Put up 1 lb | Tex 210 | Ten 32 | YDS/# 2005 |  | Price Unit Cone | Shipping Free

  • Specifications

    Bonded Nylon: Bonding means the thread has been treated with a liquid resin that is cured and lubed. This process prevents fraying of a cut end and also protects against heat damage caused by high speed sewing. It can be used for serging rugs as the lockstitch, sewing leather goods, automotive trim, and anything that requires good abrasion resistance. The bonded nylons can be made in various sizes and colors. The finer the thread, the lower the number will be. For example, a size 69 thread will be a smaller denier than a size 138.

    Tex 70, ~11.0# tensile strength
    Tex 135, ~22.0# tensile strength
    Tex 210, ~32.0# tensile strength

    Nylon Monofilament: This thread is translucent and blends in well with colors. It can also be made in a smoke or various other colors. It is used in sewing bedspreads, hats, pillows, stuffed toys, carpet & rugs, tents, awnings, boat covers, flags & banners, indoor & outdoor furniture, curtains, drapes and apparel. A UV thread is also available in the monofilament ranging from a 6 mil to a 14 mil. We also carry the canister tops to fit the spools.

    7 mil, 3.6# tensile strength
    9 mil, 6.0# tensile strength
    10 mil, 7.4# tensile strength
    11 mil, 7.6# tensile strength
    12 mil, 9.8# tensile strength

    Twisted Nylon: 600 Ply Twisted Nylon, White

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