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Strapping Equipment


Norville stocks a complete line of buckles and seals to complete any strapping need, from wire buckles to open seals to serrated seals.


Open Seals are fast and easy to use. They can be placed over the strap before or after tensioning.

Push-Type Seals have an overlapping flange that provides strength as the tensioner pushes against the edge of the seal.

Thread-On Seals, which are also referred to as closed seals, require that the strap be pre-threaded prior to tensioning.

Open-Flange Seals are used for heavy duty or high tensile applications. This seal allows placement over the strap before or after tensioning.

Magazine-Feed Seals are easily loaded into combination strapping tools or power strapping machines.


The MIP380 Tensioner will apply the maximum tension to tighten strapping, and then cuts off excess strapping.

The MIP420 & MIP400 Sealers, also called “Crimpers”, are used to secure metal seals to the strapping to keep the ends tight. It is used with the handle held perpendicular to the strapping width. This tool is best suited for flat surfaces.

Our Dispenser Carts are designed for plastic and/or steel strapping. They feature an automatic brake, heavy duty plastic wheels and a tool tray. These carts are extremely versatile.

The MIP1100 is the “standard” sealer and the MIP1152 is the “heavy duty” for steel strapping. They are both double notch sealers and are used with open and closed seals.

The MIP1300 Feedwheel Tensioner is most commonly used for steel strapping. It requires a flat surface to operate.

The SMTP130 is a compact, desk style semi automatic machine. It is a very versatile machine. The machine will operate using 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” and 5/8” polypropylene strapping. The main advantage of this machine is its ability to apply strapping to small and large packages without changes.

The SMP300-10 is a fully automatic machine. It applies the strapping around the package automatically. It can achieve 20-32 straps per minute. This machine is easy to operate and has a compact design. It will operate using 1/2” and 3/8” strapping and has a wide range of arch sizes. The tension can be easily adjusted.

Impulse Sealers are designed for use with polypropylene. Table top and standard seal are available. It provides a low cost means of obtaining consistently tight seals on plastic films. The sealers with cutters let you trim bags easily.

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