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Stretch Film

When you need to secure a pallet of product - whether rugs, lumber, yarn, or boxes of almost anything - to better handle, store or ship materials, the ideal solution is stretch film.


Different types of film suit different needs. Stretch Film is manufactured by a blown or cast extrusion process using different percentages of polyethylene resins.


Cast Film usually comes off the core very quietly and has excellent clarity. Cast film is used in many applications with stretch capacities averaging from 100 to 250%.


Blown Film is very noisy as it releases from the core, is cloudier when stretched little; but, has excellent puncture resistance and tackiness.Premium Films are also available to provide high stretch levels above 300% and one-side cling properties.


Machine Grade Stretch Film is usually produced in weights from 40 to 135 gauge and in widths from 20" to 60" - with rolls ranging from 3500 feet to 6000 feet per roll. Machine grade stretch film is ideal for larger diameter heavier jobs that require machine applications of the film.


Hand Grade Stretch Film is usually produced from 40 to 120 gauge and in widths from 2" to 18" with rolls ranging from 700 feet to 5000 feet per roll. Hand grade stretch film is often used for smaller jobs where the film can be applied by hand.


Dispensers: To meet your needs, Norville Industries sells a wide range of dispensers and automatic machines. Some widths are also available on built-in extended handles. From the Hand Holder Sets to the fully Automatic Machines, we can help you stretch wrap anything. The Hand Holder Set is ideal for any hand size stretch film. It saves your hands when a larger dispenser is unavailable. The Hand Dispenser wraps pallets for less. It is tension controlled and has a flexible rubber grip for comfort. We also carry a full line of automated machines. For more information, please contact a Norville sales representative.

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