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Norville Industries offers a full range of tapes for any application. The main types of tapes stocked include Pressure Sensitive and Water Activated. Our pressure sensitive tapes include carton sealing, masking, filament and other industrial tapes.


We carry carton sealing tapes in all 3 adhesives:    Adhesive Properties


Acrylic: Known for its clarity, acrylic tape does not yellow with age. It performs well in extreme temperature ranges, from 32 to 140 degrees F.


Hot Melt: Offers the widest range of application flexibility. This tape provides excellent performance for manual and machine applications, superior adhesion properties, holding force, and tensile strength which ensures reliable seals. It also offers quiet release and is easy to unwind. Hot melt tape performs well in temperature ranges of 45 to 120 degrees F.


Natural Rubber: This problem-solver tape offers aggressive adhesion properties. It is well-suited for recycled paper content, as well as rough or ultra smooth surfaces. Natural rubber is fast-bonding and boasts high-shear adhesion, is moisture resistant, ideal for temperature extremes, and provides a firm unwind.


Carton Sealing tapes are stocked in clear, but also available in a variety of colors for identification. Printing is also available for tamper resistance or logo recognition.


Masking tape is used for a variety of applications including paint masking, holding, light-duty work, splicing, and bundling. Masking tape comes in a wide range of grades and is also available in colors.


Filament tape, with its fiberglass reinforcements, provides superb adhesion for light to medium duty strapping, palletizing, and bundling. It is available in BOPP (Bioxially Oriented Polypropylene), PET (Polyester), and paper backings.


Other Industrial Tapes include Flatback tapes which are designed for a variety of packaging, splicing, and tabbing applications. Cloth/Duct tapes, double coated tapes, aisle marking, vinyl, and strapping tapes are also available.


Water Activated tapes provide superior performance for both virgin and recycled fiber surfaces resulting in a tamper-evident package. Reinforced with fiberglass yarns between high-tensile strength sheets, it provides an extra measure of strength. This tape is suited for all termperature ranges, bonds even to dusty boxes, and provides a dust barrier. It is available in non-printed, custom printed, and stock printed.


Dispensers: We stock two and three inch tape dispensers in economy and heavy duty grades. For carton sealing tapes, we can provide automatic or semi-automatic machines. Better Pak and Marsh Tape machines are available for water activated tape applications.

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