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Terms and Conditions

Prices are subject to change.  No guarantee on length of time stated prices will remain current.

All sales subject to Norville’s Terms and Conditions. For a complete list of terms and conditions contact your

sales representative or the office.


Norville Industries, Inc. (“Seller”) agrees to sell to you (“Purchaser”) the goods listed on the Invoice (hereinafter the “Goods”) according to the following terms and conditions. Unless Seller agrees otherwise in writing, the sale of any Goods to Purchaser  is limited to and expressly made conditional on Purchaser’s assent to the terms and conditions of sale contained herein, which supersede and reject all prior agreements, representations, discussions or negotiations, whether written or oral, with respect hereto, and any conflicting terms and conditions contained in any purchase order or other writing by Purchaser, regardless of whether Purchaser purchases products through any media means, including but not limited to written purchase orders, electronic orders, acknowledgements, confirmations, or other writings from Purchaser. Any additional or conflicting terms and conditions contained in, attached to, or referenced by Purchaser’s purchase order shall have no effect on the purchase of any such product by Purchaser and are expressly rejected.

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