Terms and Conditions

PAYMENT AND PAST DUE ACCOUNT:  Invoices are due and payable 30 (thirty) days, unless otherwise stated on invoice, from the date of the invoices.  Payment must be received at our remit to address by this date.

DISCOUNTS: The cash discount, if any, is indicated on the invoice.  No discounts are allowed or earned, if, at the time of receipt of a payment claiming a discount, an account is “past due”.

ORDERS, SHIPMENTS AND PAST DUE ACCOUNT:  No order will be shipped if an open account has a “past due” balance.

COLLECTIONS COSTS:  Customer agrees to pay all reasonable cost of collection, including, but not limited to attorney fees in connection with the collection of a “past due” account, together with all court costs.

INFORMATION:  Credit is extended based on the information supplied.  In addition, Norville
must be informed immediately of any changes in the customer’s business or financial position.