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Wire Ties

We understand the importance of wire ties – how the quality and ease-of-use must be there to get the job done quickly and well. To help our customers, we stock a wide variety of wire ties made of pliable, black annealed, double looped wire.

Our wire ties are incredibly flexible, making them easy to twist, yet very hard to break. These ties are well suited for bagging and bundling, and are used in many industries including Carpet & Rug, Paper and Packaging, and Fencing. Norville’s wire ties are available in a variety of gauges from 12-21 gauge and a variety of lengths from 3” to 40”.

To make your job even easier, we also offer hand-tying tools for convenience and speed, as well as automatic spring-return tools with a selection of handles. Whatever your wire tie need, we have it – check out our selection.

We also carry Nylon Cable Ties, for times when you need tamper proof ties to secure bags, cords or cables permanently. They lock tightly and will not stretch or slide.

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